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VOXXO at Miami with Pitbull

VOXXO @ Miami on July 23rd as the Smackathon finalist. So many new ideas will be introduced by VOXXO. Get ready for VOXXO's new entertainment economy model powered by blockchain. On July 23, we will be flown to Miami, FL, courtesy of American Airlines to present our pitch to an esteemed panel of judges. The judges include: Armando Christian Perez, aka Pitbull, world-renowned Artist, Entertainer and Entrepreneur; Demian Brener, Founder & CEO, Zeppelin; Jack Selby, Managing Director, Thiel Capital; and Manny Medina Jr., Bassist for Kip Moore, Songwriter. For the complete list of finalists, visit:

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Frequently Asked Questions
Top questions and answers about VOXXO

You can get VOXXO token via Token Sale here. And, you can trade on decentralize exchanges like Forkdelta / Etherdelta / via contract address.

VOXXO is a promising concept for music. It combines Music Player, Concert Investments, and Music Licensing. VOXXO aims to be music cryptocurrency which gives power to VOXXO token holder community to define music value. VOXXO token holders will easily get profits from crowdfunding world scale concerts. Learn more.

VOXXO is not just a music player. It is a platform for music where VOXXO token holders can invest in concerts and get profits as redemption. And also VOXXO is a Music Licensing platform for musicians all around to world. See Investing in Concerts section Learn more.

Yes, of course, you can listen to all popular music as you do with Spotify, Pandora etc. Both free and paid users can listen to all songs without any forward, backward limitations. Free users will see ads after two songs it is all. To be paid user, you need to buy streaming hours as much as you want to listen with cryptocurrencies. Learn more

Amount of your investment / Crowdfunding Success / Amount of VOXXO Token you hold will define your redemption. Learn more

Live Concert Announcements

Sara Paco

Watch Live @VOXXO


Watch Live @VOXXO


Watch Live @VOXXO

Yossi Sassi

Watch Live @VOXXO

VOXXO Roadmap

Late 2017 (Crowdfunding)

Sale #1
Application Development
Bounty Campaigns
Creating Community
BETA testing
Content Planning
Expanding Community
VOXXO Web Player Development (<>Sept. 2018)
Opening Headquarters in Europe (<>Sept. 2018)
Music License Agreements (PROs) (<>Oct. 2018)
Bounty Campaigns
(Ended - Results:
1st Half of 2018 (Starting VOXXO Platforms)

Opening VOXXO Music - (<>July. 2018) VOXXO Live Concert Series #1 (<>Sept. 2018) Music Sales Begin (<>Sept. 2018)

2nd Half of 2018 (Expansion)

Collaboration with Music Companies
Marketing / Advertising
+Listing on Exchanges (<>Aug. 2018)
VOXXO Live Concert Streaming Events
Marketing / Advertising
Launch v1.0 VOXXO Mobile App (<>Oct. 2018)
2019 (Evolving)

Opening Headquarters in USA
Moving to Blockchain based cloud platforms
+Deploy VOXXO mainnet v1.0 Deploying v2.0 Version of VOXXO App
Activating VOXXO Live Events Platform
Collaboration with Music Companies
Collaboration with Blockchain License Platforms
Blockchain License Platform (VOXXO)
VOXXO #2 Music Concert Event with a Superstar
Cryptocurrency Funded Music Video production
Opening Headquarters in East
World First Cryptocurrency Performance Hall

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Investing in Concerts with VOXXO Live Events Platform

VOXXO token holders can organize events and concerts by using Live Concert Events Platform by crowdfunding. This concept gives power to the community to get revenues from VOXXO platform. If concerts/events are successful then VOXXO will return funds to investors after each concert/event and add revenues that defined before on it.

This is one of the important difference of VOXXO from its competitors


VOXXO will announce 5 Bands/Musicians and 5 Concert Locations.  VOXXO token holders will be given a vote chance to choose one band/musician and one location. Vote counts will be multiplied by VOXXO holding amount of the voter. Amount of your VOXXO token in your wallet will define value of your vote.


VOXXO will make pre-agreement with selected band/musician to organize a concert at the selected location. VOXXO will announce concert date, budget and open crowdfunding If the musician is available. If not then VOXXO will move to second selected band/artist. VOXXO token holder community will invest the concert with cryptocurrencies.  When crowdfunding reaches %20 of the total budget. VOXXO will make the final agreement with the musician/band.


After the concert is performed. VOXXO will share revenues with investors in a ratio of crowdfunding success / VOXXO Token Hold Amount / Invest Amount Amount of your VOXXO token in your wallet will define the amount of your profit.

By the end of 2018, we will organize a live concert with a Superstar and the only cryptocurrency will be used to fund this event. At the beginning of 2019, we will enter the evolution phase which is the most important goal of the VOXXO platforms. Here we will produce famous concerts, albums, and music videos financed using cryptocurrency. 


Meet VOXXO Music Player Mobile App

New music stream experience with new features. Buy hours with cryptocurrencies exactly as much you want to listen! VOXXO is promising ICO. Invest and get the reasonable profit. Let's create a future changing community together


Dubstep Wobble Mix Thunder Vol. 3
 Ben Sound  
Dubstep Wobble Mix Thunder Vol. 2

Listening to Music with VOXXO

Paid Users
No need to monthly subscription
Buy hours as much as you want
No ads, no limits
Creating, sharing, following lists.
Following artists and bands

Free Users
Free users see Ads after 2 songs.
Free Users can go forward and backward freely
There is no streaming limit



ERC20 Power

VOXXO Token is an ERC20 Ethereum Smart Contact. It uses Ethereum's proven fast and secure structure. VOXXO believes in Ethereum and its community. Low and fixed supply.

Ready to Start

In a couple months, we will bring VOXXO mobile application to life and finalize our sales, we continue to various bounty campaigns.

Future Changing

The pushing force of the VOXXO vision is the blockchain spirit and concept. Our primary goal is to get Cryptocurrency open to the music sector and change way of reaching music.

Investment Opportunity

The priority of VOXXO is to create an investment trust chain and take the backing of investors and the power of the community behind its self before exchange profitability.

Buy music with crypto!

You can pay with ETH, BTC and VOXXO Token. Get bonuses if you use VOXXO Token


Pay with:
0.001 ETH
Buy Streaming Hours
You have 01:20 remaining hours

Pay as much as you want

No need for a monthly or yearly subscription. Stream music and broadcast live concerts.


The Most valuable entertainment project of the year
Join Us and Become an investor with high profitability

Investors you can check out our whitepaper. We believe in crowdfunding power and we will share reasonable profits while reaching our goals together. We need your contribution to sustain our price policy. There is a bounty form for free VOXXO token offerings. Subscribe bounty and help us expand VOXXO community. Do not forget to follow us on Twitter!



We will update team with new developers when we establish final VOXXO platform.

Developer / Multimedia Designer

Event / Bussiness Manager

Event Manager

PR / Marketing

Content / Cinematographer

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