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VOXXO Music Platform / About ICO's Last Round Ending

We are really glad to get great support from our community/investors. VOXXO is one of mid-term ICO of the crypto-startup journey. 

While our ICO ends, now it is time get the job done. We have reached our soft cap on March. And on second round we are backed with great public / private invests.

We are now more synchronous with our delayed roadmap and timeline. is also final VOXXO Music Platform. And ready to start working in couple weeks. (opening on 02 August 2018)

There you will find broadcasts of our Artists we announced earlier: Otillia, Mario Joy, Sara Paco, Yossi Sassi. We will book them for broadcasting from September-November. We are working on.

App development is re-scheduled to October to gather enough material to serve. 

Here are some team experiences this year under the name of VOXXO.


One of VOXXO's milestone is the organizing of a world-scale gig with a well-known musician. After a couple agreement attempts, we continue to expand our Entertainment related bonds.

We do not want to organize this even with fiat currencies. Fiat-based event planning is already done by our team for years. We are trying to integrate musicians to VOXXO ecosystem. And, there is news on the horizon and we are really near to book a world known star in September. 

Another important topic is 'Entering Exchange Markets'.

You can see on our roadmap that we aimed for entering exchanges in the second half of 2018. We are talking with some on well-known exchanges. And we will announce on August.

And for investors, we will announce both market exchanges listings and the concert date/artist at the same time to pull more attention to VOXXO.

Our community may find our shares on social media were rare. As our co-founder said before that we want to do the right thing at the right time. Our second round was very compelling. Know our team is getting bigger and our company organizing schemas are started to become obvious.

We are working, developing, expanding.

We are the finalist on Smackathon organized by Pitbull, Emerge Americas, Zeppelin.

You can find details from here

 Best Regards






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VOXXO Concerts are Announced

Watch Live @VOXXO

Watch Live @VOXXO 

Yossi Sassi
Watch Live @VOXXO 

Check out for details ->

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Message from Founders #3 - Live Event Platform and ICO Extending

First of all, we would like to thank our investors and supporters.

Now together, we must go further.

VOXXO is a community project with unique ideas in the entertainment and music industry.

As we announced earlier, VOXXO Live Event Platform has begun to work and has already announced artists. You can check for musicians and concert dates.

To watch the concerts you need to be an investor by buying some VOXXO in the ICO process. This way you can share this experience and also support VOXXO.

When we arrived at our ICO end date, we saw that it would be more efficient to improve this big project by changing some of the strategies.

We have extended the ICO until 06.06.2018. As one of our investment objectives, and with the support of our community, we are currently in talks to have the world's first crypto-financed concert on this date.

We are sending VOXXO to our investors for free as 15% of the amount of their investment. The goal here is to protect the investments of all our early investors (who bought VOXXO token till now).

We reached our goal of $ 300,000 Soft Cap with public and private sales.

When we reach the first threshold of $ 750,000, we will be able to offer the use of our mobile application. Also, when this threshold is exceeded, VOXXO Token will be listed on popular stock markets. We've already started negotiating with these stock exchanges. The goal here is to protect the investments of all our investors.

When we reach the $1.25M hard cap, We will perform a concert with a world famous star we talked about and we will air it live.

Now we have more responsibility and we are working hard for it.

Details of new investment targets and details to get VOXXO token:

We have decided to change the vision of the company to 'produce content first, then develop'. We decide that for the content of our application to be correct, our exclusive content must be diversified.
This is because of the difficulty of breaking the prejudices of the music industry towards cryptocurrency, and because establishing a relationship of trust with artists is a long-term job.

Remember, the VOXXO team is already experienced worldwide with concerts and events and is a team that was performing concerts and events before VOXXO.

The aim of VOXXO is to build bridges for the use and benefit of the community by removing the big intermediaries in between the people and the artists or by forcing them to change.

Bounties are being calculated now and the spreadsheet will be announced on Bitcointalk bounty topic. And will be distributed as soon as possible. Airdrop and other commitments will also be distributed in couple weeks.


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Closer to the change! Message from founders #2

We are grateful to you as VOXXO executive team for the support you have given us since our journey.

VOXXO's concert investment platform is a unique and unprecedented concept for the entertainment and music industry. We have created great changes and innovations while developing this model.

We know that the music player application is ahead, but the main target is our concert investments platform.

We have drawn a path that will be most beneficial to the community in every decision we make as we are aware of the challenges of this model.

VOXXO is not a mechanical project or a finance project created over and over.

This process is very different and painful than creating a "secure payment gateway". We are trying to make a big change in an area where the blockchain revolution and community power have not been practiced by anyone before.

Here we are;

  • We made changes to our developer team.
  • We are working on the BETA version of the Mobil application.
  • We have held preliminary talks with world famous artists for the concert investment platform and take necessary steps for a big concert for the summer season.
  • We get the necessary permissions and licenses for a concert where our investors can listen and watch live through the mobile app in March.
  • We are making some changes in our roadmap.
  • We're still working on the BETA version of the mobile app. And, we decided to offer the BETA version of the mobile app at the time we will do the live concert announcement. This will give us both time and opportunity to add more features.

Although we have been under our sale target of Sale #1, we are closing down the required gap by local investors around the company.

But a point here is very important. Because VOXXO exists on the blockchain and within this world, it needs individual diversity and people around it. Only that can leave the industry's power to the decisions of the community. We are already organizing many concerts as VOXXO team in the sector. The aim here is to remove the need for corporate investors. It is our sole aim to ensure that investments are made by the people and that the community has a say in this matter. 

This can only be with you.

Unlike commercial sector concerns, VOXXO is bringing people together from an initiative that will launch a major revolution.

We are aware that you want to see some concrete steps from VOXXO and we are in the same excitement. VOXXO team do not want to reveal anything to you just to offer something. 

We need your support now to accelerate our steps, realize what we promised on time, make a big difference in the way we promised.

Sooner or later what we say will happen as we promised. It is time to unite now.

Join ICO with 30% Bonus from here ->
Sale #2 finishes on February 03. After this date, the bonus will decrease to 5%.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is VOXXO a good investment opportunity?

VOXXO is a promising concept for music. It combines Music Player, Concert Investments, and Music Licensing. VOXXO aims to be music cryptocurrency which gives power to VOXXO token holder community to define music value. VOXXO token holders will easily get profits from crowdfunding world scale concerts. 

What is the difference of VOXXO from its competitors?

VOXXO is not just a music player. It is a platform for music where VOXXO token holders can invest in concerts and get profits as redemption. And also VOXXO is a Music Licensing platform for musicians all around to world. See Investing in Concerts section Learn more.

Can I listen to all popular music with VOXXO?

Yes, of course, you can listen to all popular music as you do with Spotify, Pandora etc. Both free and paid users can listen to all songs without any forward, backward limitations. Free users will see ads after two songs it is all. To be paid user, you need to buy streaming hours as much as you want to listen with cryptocurrencies. 

How much profit do I get from 'Investing in Concerts'?​

mount of your investment / Crowdfunding Success / Amount of VOXXO Token you hold will define your redemption.​

How can I buy VOXXO Token / Join ICO

VOXXO is on sale now. You can click here. VOXXO has a very affordable price now on Sale#3. Invest in VOXXO and join the community. We have reasonable soft cap and hard cap goals. 

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Where will VOXXO Tokens be used?


Via VOXXO Mobile APP, everyone can listen their all favorite musicians and bands like VOXXO’s competitors offer.
(Spotify, Pandora etc.)

There is no monthly subscription. Firstly, you need to buy listening hours as much as you want to. You can use popular cryptocurrencies to buy but if you use VOXXO token to buy, you will get extra bonuses.

If you do not want to be paid users then you can listen freely just seeing ads after two songs. However, you do not have any limitations.

Listen or watch Live Concerts all around to world.

You can buy albums via Cryptocurrencies


VOXXO Live Concert Events Platform is a breath-taking unique concept for music sector. This differentiates VOXXO from other blockchain competitors. 

VOXXO token holders can organize events and concerts by using Live Concert Events Platform by crowdfunding. 

This concept gives power to the community to get revenues from VOXXO platform. If concerts/events are successful then VOXXO will return funds to investors after each concert/event and add revenues that defined before on it as a redemption.

To summarize, If you want a concert from your favorite musicians/bands in your region or all around to world then you can vote and invest this concert then get revenues 


VOXXO Licensing Platform will help musicians and performers to get their royalties from VOXXO. This will be done in two ways.

First, musicians apply to VOXXO Music Catalogue with their albums and songs, if they are approved by the community they will get revenues from each listening.

Second, VOXXO will make the agreement with big license holders like ASCAP, BMI, and PRS as a partner of them to collect royalties as cryptocurrencies. 

That will help musicians around to world get revenues from their songs and albums internationally without complicated contracts. 

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Message from Yossi Sassi

Message from Yossi Sassi / Yossi Sassi Band (Founder) /  Orphaned Land (Co-founder - Ex Member) 

You can watch video:

TEDx Speech about music (2014) :

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VOXXO BETA Distribution for Investors on December

We send VOXXO Beta App to top 500 People who invest VOXXO in Sale #1 

BETA is starting at the end of 2017.

Go to: and buy VOXXO tokens.



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How will VOXXO Live Events Platform work?


VOXXO will announce 5 Bands/Musicians and 5 Concert Locations. VOXXO token holders will be given a vote chance to choose one band/musician and one location. Vote counts will be multiplied by VOXXO holding amount of the voter. Amount of your VOXXO token in your wallet will define value of your vote.


VOXXO will make pre-agreement with selected band/musician to organize a concert on selected location. VOXXO will announce concert date, budget and open crowdfunding If musician is available. If not then VOXXO will move to second selected band/artist.
VOXXO token holder community will invest the concert with cryptocurrencies. 


When crowdfunding reach %20 of total budget. VOXXO will make final agreement with the musician/band. After the concert is performed. VOXXO will share revenues to investors in a ratio of crowdfunding success / VOXXO Token Hold Amount / Invest Amount. Amount of your VOXXO token in your wallet will define amount of your profit.

VOXXO's goals is to share up to 100% profit from concert investments to community

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About VOXXO Vision

The pushing force of the VOXXO vision is the blockchain spirit and concept. Our primary goal is to get Cryptocurrency open to the music sector, which is an important place in real life, and to catch the project spirit that will enable constructive projects and Cryptocurrency to gain notable market shares. VOXXO aims to stop organizing, filtering or promoting in the sector and for music to reach people through the minimum influence in the chain. Moreover, it plans to open up revolutionary activities and productions in the sector. After music sales VOXXO is planning Crypto-financed world-class concerts, album recordings, live broadcasts will take place. There are even plans for a performance hall that works only with cryptocurrency.


VOXXO, unlike other concepts that develop ideas in the music industry using the blockchain platform, believes that it is important to change the means of delivering music before the liberation of the source of music. If society gets rid of the pressures of the current industry while accessing music, the sector will act according to the people. They will have to change the policies they apply according to user needs. Changing the pattern of demand in the market will ensure that it keeps pace with its current supply. With VOXXO’s Live Events and License Platform, musical sources (Artists, Bands, Producers, Managers) will be obliged to join under this concept. When VOXXO strengthens, it will be in the business of allying with platforms that have the same target. Do not forget we believe in the power of the community.

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Messages from Founders #1

"Music is freedom. Let’s create a future where the community will have enough power to create events and listen music freely. We have a long way to reach there but we have a good opportunity now. We need you, we need that community Best Wishes"

Cem İnci / Founder

Cem INCI involved in the company has promoted more than 400 international artists in Europe and announced hundreds of organization featuring these artists and completed all in success without any exception as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Luciano Pavorotti, Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, Liza Minnelli, Julio Iglesias, Rolling Stones, Metallica, Guns ’n Roses, Bon Jovi, Elton John, Tina Turner, Bryan Adams, Pearl Jam, Diana Ross, Rod Stewart, Ricky Martin, Lionel Richie, Zucchero, Enrique Iglesias, Eros Ramazotti, Kevin Costner, Al Bano, Natalie Cole, Enrique Iglesias, Kylie Minogue, Gloria Estefan, Michael Bolton, Kenny G, Chaka Khan, Isaac Hayes, etc. over 400 worldwide famous artists.

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